Quentin Leonetti

It’s impossible to emulate the feeling of being in a live environment through live streaming. But the Virtual EMOM event put together by Quentin Leonetti offers a good substitute in these difficult times. Quentin uses Twitch, the live video streaming service which is primarily aimed at video gamers, to enable other artists to perform autonomously through the course of the event.

Martin Christie, Martin Christie’s Music Travels: Virtual Electronic Music Open Mic (VEMOM) by Quentin Leonetti May 4, 2020

Similarly mournful is this one from Quentin Leonetti, with three tracks of dank droning noises, falling into chasms at the end of the world.

Bandcloud, 295 May 1, 2020

...the peculiar track named ‘Copernicus’ is the one that feels like the highlight on the agenda over here. One that comes with sharp cutting edge ambient tones that seem to enjoy stabbing you at the slowest pace possible. They are like razor lights coming from a sun that stands extremely close to the earth, forcibly getting into your heart, twisting it around for a final goodbye full of kind hearted flows that will leave you hanging for more..

KN, Antoine De Muynck – Circle May 23, 2019

These soundtracks by Antoine De Muynck spread around some kind of feeling that made me think of a rainy day, without the actual rain. Maybe it had rained before and there had been enough muddy puddles everywhere to get your boots in. It feels quite cold and lonely, as if reasonable people just stayed inside, nicely hiding away in their own homes which are obviously much more warmer and nicer.

KN, Antoine De Muynck – Live at Swan Yard November 21, 2019

A room in woodside by Antoine De muynk is the ideal opening of this thematic long play of true sounds of displacement & belonging. You could hear the croaking of a wooden floor, the safety zone in which the artist had been laying low like an hermit. With an calm sober warmth Antoine decorated the place as if the music had been generated by candlelights and the windows of this hiding place had been tightly shut for extra safety and comfort. It makes us feel as if we are there with the artist, probably out of our place but severely intrigued by sniffing out Antoine’s personal space.

KN, various artists – displacement – belonging April 20, 2019